Call for a Parliamentary Inquiry

Sydney's CBD/SE light rail project should be the city's pride and joy.  Instead its become a planning disaster.

In response to urge you to support the call for a Parliamentary Inquiry so we can find out what went wrong, and importantly stop poor design and governance decisions from happening again.  To do this, there are two important things you can do: 

1. Sign a hard copy Petition to Parliament

Use this link to print off the form, then sign & mail the original form back to us at PO Box 3200, St Pauls, NSW, 2031.

Better still ask a few of your colleagues and friends to sign the form as well.


2. Email Members of NSW's Parliament Upper House

This takes less than 2 minutes using this proforma form: Message the Upper House

If you are also able to Make a Donation to help cover the campaign costs, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.


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