Our Priorities

Our current priorities include:

1. Calling on Members of the NSW Parliament to support the call for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the CBD/SE Light Rail Project for the purpose of stop poor design and planning decisions from happening again.  

2.  Campaigning to preserve Sydney's trees elsewhere, e.g Westconnex and Ausgrid.

3.  Protecting Moore Park from major redevelopment plans by the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust. 

4.  Stopping the felling of more trees along Moore Park and Dacey Avenue as a result of the road upgrades feeding traffic from Westconnex's Sydney Park porthole at Alexandria to Moore Park (see image above).

5. Promoting the expansion of open space and urban tree canopies across Sydney and calling on equity for all, in response to the major population growth that's been forecast by the government for Greater Sydney basin. 

6.  Undertaking research to advance our objectives.


Image:  Fig trees under threat along South Dowling Street as a result of RMS plans for a major road upgrade.  Image can be used for personal use (only) subject to acknowledging SST.


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